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Leave Reviews, Earn Crypto Rewards, advertise and build your own personalized search engine.

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Marketing with The Advertising Currency (TAC) is different

Targeted Tracking Information

Highest Quality Targeted Traffic

Visitors who use our plugin, enjoy discovering content and reviewing content specific to their interests. They are not searching for specific topics nor clicking on ads. They are selecting topics that interest them, and surfing to discover content they have never seen before.

  • Fast Targeted Traffic Delivery
  • Verified Real IPs - No VPNs, Proxies, or bad traffic
  • Time Based Advertising NOT PER CLICK OR PER IMPRESSION

Unmatched User Insights

Our plugin is designed in such a way that we offer advertisers a rare look into the minds of their visitors. Advertisers can see what visitors think of there products, services, content, and webdesign.

  • Real reviews from real users
  • Every review is guarantee 100% unique
  • A Unqiue view into your visitors
User Insite Reviews
Backing Building Tracking

Backlink Building Portfolio

Backlink building is a mystery to some and an artform to others. Regardless of your level of experience, the backlinks provided by TAC content discovery services will boost your SEO while delivering high quality traffic rarely found in other marketing and advertising services.

  • Every rating gets 2 to 5 backlinks
  • Every link is proven is proven with documentation
  • Every link is do follow for search indexing

Visitor GEO Information

Our GEO information is unmatched in the marketing industry. We tell you more about the visitors we send than any other platform. We include information such as the population of city visitor is in, average income earnings of area, and so much more.

  • Continent, Country, Region, State, ZIP codes
  • Population Information of location
  • Average Earnings in location
GEO Location Visitor Tracking
Screenshot of TAC Plugin Login Page

TAC Content Discovery is a webpage discovery and review plugin that rewards users for adding and reviewing web pages they visit online.
This plugin is similar in many way to social bookmarketing websites such as mix (formerly stumbleupon) with added features.
Each user gets their own profile page that is a full search engine of the pages they review.
This allows for a webpage to be found in multiple ways and on multiple pages maximizing banklink building for advertisers while providing a unique search engine indexed in ways never done before.

Screenshot of TAC Plugin Review form

Every review made is required to have 3 descriptive tags which are used in profile searches. Each review is labeled as one of 7 content types: image, video, product, service, article business or other.
Reviews can also have star ratings as well as personalized manually typed reviews and are given a main category topic as well as a language.
To finalize a review a thumbs up or a thumbs down is selected to indicate whether the users review was posative or nagative. This allows star ratings to between 0.25 and 5 for a thumbs up or beteen 0.25 to 5 for a thumbs down.
As we do not allow illegal content or adult content, there is also an integrated flagging system.

Screenshot of TAC Plugin Category Settings

Users can select to discover random pages that other users have already added using the random page function of the review plugin.
Each user can select any of the 37 categories offered and they will only see pages that have been indexed in those categories.
This allows users to only see webpages about content and topics that will interest them.
This allows highly targetted traffic for advertisers that is unmatched and unattainable with other traffic delivery methods.
These settings are not recorded on any websites and solely exist within the users browser plugin settings. Reinstalling the plugin will reset the settings.

Scheenshot of TAC Plugin Blocked IP

We used advanced methods of geo tracking that do not involve any sort of tracking cookies. All the information we gather about users is based on public information that cannot be blocked.
Our system has rated and ranked almost every ip address in existence so we know where users come from before they ever download our plugin or attempt to login.
Our system blocks any proxies, VPNs, botnets, web hosting IP addresses, corporate IP address, and keeps track of what users run bots on their personal computers.
We also only allow one IP logged into our system at a time which prevents multiple users from the same household from logging in at the same time. This help us prevent any sort of cheating or false reviews.

Screenshot of TAC Wallet
  • Adding new site review: 0.5 CTD
  • Adding review to existing site: 0.1 CTD
  • Max new site reviews per day: 10
  • Max reviews on existing sites per day: 1000
  • Time between new site reviews: 2 minutes
  • Time between existing site reviews: 1 minutes

Page Boosts

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Self-Serve Ads


Pay in TAC Discovery Token

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Pay in TAC

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Pay in Fiat


Targeted Traffic Delivery

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Access User Reviews

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Access Visitor GEO Information


Backing Building

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Proof of Backlinks

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Multiple Category Listings

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